“For the last nine years of Lollapalooza’s existence in Chicago, festival-goers were forced to carry large amounts of cash to pay for all of their needs throughout the course of the three-day fest. This year, with Lolla Cashless, that old way of paying changed for many. The cash free program, free to all attendees, took no more than five minutes to apply for online prior to the fest, and allowed those interested to register their event wristband, sync a credit card to that wristband’s ID #, create a security pin, and walk in cash free to the event with a payment method fastened to their wrist. Lollapalooza attendees could use Lolla Cashless on over 30+ vendors, to purchase food, beverages, band merchandise, and Lolla gear by a simple tap of their wristband on the top of the vendors touchscreen pay system, the entry of their personalized pin #, and a tap on an “OK” button.”

— Zac Kraemer, Account Executive, Y&R Midwest