“All vendors at the festival will have a point-of-sale system and fans will just have to tap their wristband to the machine and enter a pin to pay for food, drink, or merchandise. Because the internet is always spotty at large events, the RFID technology will work offline, guaranteeing a speedy transaction every time. ... [T]he product is being heralded by fans as a reason to leave their wallets at home... ... And according to the Wall Street Journal, retailers see mobile payments as a way to retain younger consumers, which has been essential to Lollapalooza’s continued success.”

— Will Flanagan - ChicagoInno

““...[T]he vendors are willing to give the new system a go, as transactions tend to be more plentiful and higher in total when real cash isn’t involved in the process... sales totals were higher than in previous years, as purchasing drinks and food is now as easy as swiping your wrist.”

— Hugh McIntyre - Forbes

“… For the past two events, producers of Lollapalooza have partnered with … Festival Control Systems … to facilitate spending and increase the customer experience with near field communication technology. Attendees don NFC wristbands that eliminate the need to carry cash, tickets or payment cards, simplifying purchasing and securing the festival for attendees and vendors alike. … In 2014 more than 170,000 attendees registered wristbands across six festivals including Lollapalooza. … Events saw a 10% average growth rate year over year.”

— Kelsey Ward - re:ID A survey of ID Technology

“If you’ve ever been to a music festival, you know how crazy they can be. You run from stage to stage, spend your entire day dancing, and then likely stumble home by the end of the night. While the incredibly fun chaos is to be expected, it’s not very conducive to holding on to your belongings — especially your wallet.”

— Hugh McIntyre - Mashable

“A small technology chip is embedded into the wristbands that concertgoers have to wear to enter Lollapalooza. Leading up to the event, attendees have the option to enter their credit card information once a bracelet is registered online. All of the restaurant and drink vendors will have point-of-sale systems set up so that users can tap the bracelets against a technology-enabled pad and type in a PIN code to pay for items. The payment is then automatically applied to a credit or debit card. “We feel like not only will that be big for us, but it will end up spreading across some of the other major festivals,” said Patrick Dentler, marketing director at C3 Presents, which produces Lollapalooza, the Austin City Music Festival and the Austin Food & Wine Festival.”

— Lauren Johnson, Adweek

“For the last nine years of Lollapalooza’s existence in Chicago, festival-goers were forced to carry large amounts of cash to pay for all of their needs throughout the course of the three-day fest. This year, with Lolla Cashless, that old way of paying changed for many. The cash free program, free to all attendees, took no more than five minutes to apply for online prior to the fest, and allowed those interested to register their event wristband, sync a credit card to that wristband’s ID #, create a security pin, and walk in cash free to the event with a payment method fastened to their wrist. Lollapalooza attendees could use Lolla Cashless on over 30+ vendors, to purchase food, beverages, band merchandise, and Lolla gear by a simple tap of their wristband on the top of the vendors touchscreen pay system, the entry of their personalized pin #, and a tap on an “OK” button.”

— Zac Kraemer, Account Executive, Y&R Midwest