Q: Is it better purchase my own hardware, or rent from you?

A: Generally it is better to rent your hardware from us. Your rental fee covers a cash drawer, the tablet and a charging cable. We will always keep your tablets in working order, free of charge. Printers and WiFi equipment are available for rental as well.

Q: How does the tablet connect to the Internet?

A: The tablet connects to the Internet through the tablet's WiFi. A dedicated and password protected WiFi network can be installed or an existing one can be used.

Q: What if the Internet goes out?

A: The Best Ring software operates in batch mode, real-time mode and "auto-batch". Unless you're operating in real-time, every transaction is stored locally and double-encrypted until a reliable Internet connection to our cloud server is detected. The tablet will never lose a transaction, nor will the ability to use the tablet be interrupted, due to spotty or unreliable Internet connectivity. The user will not know the difference as the user interface is never interrupted and you have confidence knowing that your information is safe.

Q: How much money will this cost me up front?

A: There is no cost up front. We charge on either daily or monthly cycles.

Q: How do I access my sales information?

A: All of your Best Ring sales information is stored in our cloud services. It is PCI-DSS compliant and always available to you, via the internet. There is a suite of reports where you may monitor sales, product mix information, track each clerk, each bar and all in real-time. As long as you have a web browser and a connection to the internet, you may view this information anytime.

Q: What if I need assistance on credit card transactions, reporting, tablet operations or menu changes? Is there a number I can call?

A: Best Ring offers 24/7 support via the phone and email. If you're needing help with the software, reporting or have general questions about your credit card transactions, we're available to you anytime.